Small business is a big priority for the Department of Defense. Find out how NGA is making it easier for small businesses to work with the government.

  • How do federal small business goals factor in? (1:56)
  • What are the benefits of becoming certified as a small, disadvantaged business? (4:46)
  • If you’re not certified, how do federal subcontracting goals apply? (5:34)
  • What are avenues into NGA? (12:22)
  • How can the SBA help? (14:47)
  • How does DoD’s Mentor-Protégé Program…

The lure of investments from foreign rivals, especially China, are leading some startups and entrepreneurs down a difficult, costly security rabbit hole. Learn how to protect your company from bad actors and malicious intent.

  • It’s not just China: diverse attack angles (04:30)
  • Different approaches to consider (06:00)
  • How China squeezes supply chains (09:11)
  • Best practices across DoD ecosystem (10:40)
  • Top 3 things to do today to protect your company (15:40)
  • Moving forward: how to reach out/engage (17:30)
  • “Your actions today can make your company…

Agility Prime, the Air Force Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) program, is advancing military thinking on how to drive competitive, collaborative markets. Hear from AFWERX Prime Division leadership on how they’re identifying and accelerating dual-use technologies for commercial success and defense utility.

  • What’s happening with Agility Prime (2:15)
  • Current areas of focus (03:00)
  • Emerging areas of focus (10:30)
  • How international partnerships bring value (21:33)
  • Biggest challenges and how to solve them (36:00)
  • “It’s been going on for about a year now. Incredible success that we’ve seen leveraging significant amounts of commercial investment…

Capital Factory and DivInc are excited to announce the next $100,000 Investment Challenge at our 4th Annual Black in Tech Summit in Austin, Texas. Capital Factory’s annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Summits help increase awareness and diversity in the tech community and create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for people of all backgrounds and identities.

Startups can apply here to be considered for a $100,000 investment

Any tech or consumer startup in Texas with a black founder or co-founder can apply to pitch at Capital Factory’s 4th annual Black in Tech Summit and investment showcase.

Recipients of investment will receive:

  • A $100,000 cash investment using…

Anne Laurent and other contracting experts from across the Army explain the current status of government contracting, what’s already changed, and what new changes are coming to make this vision of modernization a reality.

  • How the Army is making contracting easier (07:39)
  • What companies should do to break into federal contracting (14:30)
  • Where to go if you’re new to federal contracting (16:00)
  • How larger companies help smaller companies (21:00)
  • What’s the most significant change the Army must make (28:38)
  • “There are contracting tools right…

Based in St. Louis with national reach, NGA West innovation hubs for the unclassified community are fueling a vibrant ecosystem to discover and scale next-generation geospatial solutions.

  • Why NGA chose St. Louis for its second main campus (2:14)
  • What’s happening at NGA West (N2W) to advance tech transfer for national security (4:34)
  • How NGA finds, funds and fuels next-generation solutions (6:50)
  • How NGA taps the unclassified community? (9:47)
  • Moonshot Labs (10:56)
  • Accelerator (12:34)
  • The benefits of NGA’s…

DoD and its industry partners face complex questions and concerns about when, how, and why AI-enabled tools are used for the country’s defense. Learn how DIU and others are helping apply the DoD’s Ethical Principles for AI to both accelerate and ensure responsible adoption of AI for national security.

  • Why joint focus differentiates DIU (03:45)
  • How DoD is operationalizing ethical AI principles (04:47)
  • The five questions to ask in pre-planning (08:40)
  • Which artifacts and documents you need (14:45)
  • How you test for responsible AI (17:25)
  • Lessons learned (21:10)
  • Challenges ahead (25:25)
  • “One of the unique things about us is…

By creating spaces for students and service members to work together, NSIN is driving critical collisions and intellectual diversity into the DoD. Join Dana Sanford as he explains how NSIN’s Collaboration Portfolio connects the right people from across DoD, academia, venture, and beyond to better understand problems and discover new solutions — together.

  • Collaboration Portfolio in NSIN (1:07)
  • Programs in NSIN (Hacking for Defense, Bootcamp, Hacks, Source, UNEM)(6:20)
  • “Collaboration is creating space for these amazing ideas that may seem like a long shot, outlandish, and crazy, but when given the right structure, process, and opportunity to transition — that’s when the magic happens.”…

Electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) lies at the core of a burgeoning global market for Advanced Air Mobility solutions. Learn about the U.S. Air Force’s efforts to accelerate the eVTOL transition through dual-use development campaigns in central Texas.

  • Why is the Air Force interested in Advance Air Mobility? (8:15)
  • Is the federal sector ready for AAM? (10:23) Is the public? (13:23)
  • What is dual use and why does it matter? (20:40)
  • How does FAA view the integration of eVTOL into the airspace? (23:28)
  • What funding for AAM or…

Groundbreaking technology often emerges from military roots. BG Stephanie Ahern led an informative discussion with Army scientists, futurists, and commercial experts to explain how concepts about the future of battle influence where the Army invests today.

  • What we do at Army Futures and Concepts (2:20)
  • What we do at Army Research Labs (3:35)
  • Where are the critical challenges ahead (13:10)
  • How Army Futures engages small business (15:00)
  • How to find government business (24:00)
  • What’s the role ethics plays in threat concepts (35:18)
  • “We’re really trying to…

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