Brigadier General Michael Talley brings a stirring keynote at Fed Supernova.

A Keynote and Fireside Chat on Human Performance Tech

Join in on the Human Performance track keynote from Brigadier General Michael Talley who is followed by a fireside chat with Matthew Quinn and Dr. Mark Buller of Medical Research and Development Command, Dr. Charlene Stokes, and Capital Factory’s own Sean Duffy.

What you’ll find out:

  • New human performance technologies created to get more about of soldiers while protecting them from urgent medical problems (17:00)
  • The vision for transitioning a human performance product from the commercial space to the government (37:48)
  • For entrepreneurs looking to get involved in the military’s human performance sector, what are the thresholds or requirements for validating and testing relevant technology? (49:37)

Key quotes:

  • “You better believe that we’re not going to take our foot off the gas on protecting the homeland… I can tell you that I don’t think we’ve had a clearer direction during my three decades of services. A direction that keeps everyone nested, everyone in the entire military focused on unified goals” — BG Michael Talley (04:36)
  • “This effort to maximize human potential is essential as we plan for future multi-domain operations. To this end, MRDC is accelerating our investments in technologies that maximize the physical, mental, and behavioral aspects of warfighter health.” — BG Michael Talley (08:10)
  • “Being able to support something from anywhere to anywhere represents an important component of a next generation national disaster medical system.” — Matthew Quinn, MRDC (27:22)

Who you’ll hear from:

About Fed Supernova

Fed Supernova, presented by Deloitte, is a virtual conference highlighting defense innovation in Texas. This first-of-its-kind interactive experience will draw national attention and connect leading entrepreneurs, investors, thought leaders, corporations, and decision makers from around the world.

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The center of gravity for entrepreneurs in Texas. We meet the best startups in Texas and introduce them to potential investors, employees and customers.

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Capital Factory

Capital Factory

The center of gravity for entrepreneurs in Texas. We meet the best startups in Texas and introduce them to potential investors, employees and customers.

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