Biotech+ Founders! Apply to Showcase at Health Supernova & For Up To $100,000 Investment

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  • Improvements in operations and efficiency of medical sales and supply chain, hospital systems, and healthcare facilities.
  • Web3, digital, and mental health solutions including preventative healthcare, insurance, EHR and healthcare data science and drug discovery
  • Robotics, medical devices and diagnostics solutions including virtual and at home healthcare solutions
  • Human-machine and brain-computer interfaces
  • Genomic, synthetic biology, therapeutic, and pharmaceutical solutions
  • Human survival in off-world environments
  • A fast track into the Capital Factory Partners Fund portfolio which includes curated introductions and featured visibility to potential investors, customers and other strategic partners, and talent to scale
  • A cash investment of up to $100,000 on a SAFE or Convertible Note using Capital Factory’s term sheet and your most recent funding valuation, or a qualified term sheet provided by the company.
  • Access to the Capital Factory Partner, Investor, & Mentor networks
  • Eligibility for over $250,000 in hosting credits from AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, IBM, and other major hosting providers (each individual offer is different and subject to change)
  • One year of Capital Factory co-working membership at the Center for Healthcare Innovation at Pegasus Park in Dallas, Texas.
  • The lessor of 1% or $100,000 worth of common stock as advisor equity (separate from the investment)
  • The right to invest up to $250,000 in your next round of funding

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