Current and Future NGA Accelerators

What you’ll find out

  • Why NGA chose St. Louis for its second main campus (2:14)
  • What’s happening at NGA West (N2W) to advance tech transfer for national security (4:34)
  • How NGA finds, funds and fuels next-generation solutions (6:50)
  • How NGA taps the unclassified community? (9:47)
  • Moonshot Labs (10:56)
  • Accelerator (12:34)
  • The benefits of NGA’s approach? (13:40)
  • What’s next? (17:00)
  • How to get involved (18:00)

Key quotes

  • “I’m here today to talk about how NGA is engaging in the ecosystem and about the Accelerator and Moonshot Labs as two exemplars.” (2:00)
  • “NGA is already reaping the benefits of this regional geospatial ecosystem. And one of the strengths St. Louis has is a really strong geospatial workforce. There’s a strong demand for geospatial jobs and we’re seeing growth in key areas such as IT, data science and engineering fields. There’s also been a growth in patents and tech companies that are relocating to St. Louis.” (5:15)
  • “The tech incubators and accelerators allow us more opportunities to partner with small business to keep moving the Agency forward.” (6:10)
  • “In order to take advantage of the growing talent pool and the entrepreneurial geospatial spirit in the region, NGA needed to embrace the unclassified mission space and employ both nontraditional and traditional tools for engagement.” (6:45)
  • “What we’re really doing here is for all of NGA and we’re trying to do things that can be scaled. We invite you to come and take a tour of the Labs. We want to talk about ways to partner with other agencies and startups. We have pitch days and hackathons. We’re really trying to be more agile in ways we’re approaching partnerships.” (20:30)

Who you’ll hear from

Christine Woodard, NGA St. Louis Ecosystem Engagement Lead

▶️ Click to play the full Current and Future NGA Accelerators panel

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