Digital Health and Biotech Startups in Texas can Pitch for a Fast Track into Capital Factory and a $50,000 Investment

Capital Factory’s Texas Fund, in partnership with The University of Texas at Dallas, the UT Dallas Seed Fund, UT Southwestern Medical Center, LaunchBio, BioLabs at Pegasus Park, and Capital Factory Innovation Council members McKesson and BCBSTX C1 Innovation Lab, is excited to announce its first $50,000 digital health and biotech investment challenge.

  • Digital Health
  • Medical devices/diagnostics
  • Therapeutics
  • A fast track into the Capital Factory portfolio which will include curated introductions and featured visibility for your startup to potential investors, customers and employees
  • Access to the Capital Factory Mentor network as long as Capital Factory operates as a shareholder
  • Eligibility for over $250,000 in hosting credits from AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, IBM, and other major hosting providers
  • Six months of Capital Factory coworking memberships for you and your team
  • 1% common stock grant as advisor equity (separate from the convertible note or SAFE that goes to the winner)
  • The right to invest up to $250,000 in your next round of funding
  • $50,000 cash investment on a SAFE or Convertible Note using Capital Factory’s term sheet and your most recent funding valuation, or a qualified term sheet provided by the company (see application for more details).
  • Houston based Syzygy Plasmonics is developing a green power source from hydrogen fuel cell technology and raised a $23 million Series B round.
  • Dallas’ ShearShare has a marketplace connecting stylists with available seats at salons and $2.3 million in funding
  • Houston’s GroupRaise is a marketplace that helps groups of 20–200 people make reservations at restaurants willing to donate a percentage of the sales back to a charitable cause.
  • Austin’s Journey Foods uses AI to create sustainability recipes for food manufacturers.
  • San Antonio’s Easy Expunctions makes it easier and more affordable for people to clean up their criminal records by automating the expunction process and has raised $1.6 million in funding.
  • Dallas based Mynd VR creates virtual reality experiences for senior citizens to help combat loneliness, stimulate memory and cognition, and reduce anxiety and depression.
  • Austin based ZPEG developed an upgraded compression algorithm for streaming videos based on an advanced human visual model that reduces streaming costs for 4K streams by 30%.
  • Dallas’ YouGoNatural designs luxury headwraps and offers an extensive collection of looks that makes protecting hair a stylish experience.
  • Austin based Senseye has developed a system of high resolution cameras and software that can read your mind just by watching the movement of the muscles in your pupils. They’ve raised $7.2 million in funding to date.

About Capital Factory

Capital Factory is the center of gravity for entrepreneurs in Texas, the number one state for startups in the U.S. Thousands of entrepreneurs, programmers and designers gather day and night, in-person and online for meetups, classes and coworking. With boots on the ground in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, we meet the best entrepreneurs in Texas and introduce them to their investors, employees, mentors and customers. According to Pitchbook, Capital Factory has been the most active, early-stage investor in Texas since 2010.

Startups, submit your application now!



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Capital Factory

The center of gravity for entrepreneurs in Texas. We meet the best startups in Texas and introduce them to potential investors, employees and customers.