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Dual-Use Technology and Artificial Intelligence

What you’ll find out

  • How will JAIC’s new program, Tradewind, open up opportunities for startups and dual-use companies?
  • How different DoD institutions can foster an environment where people and startups can iterate quickly?
  • How does one enact AI war gaming, and how the JAIC can play a role in it?

Key takeaways

  • “They need to design for their grandmother, not design for the engineers. Because even technology aside, the decision maker needs to understand, this is on the commercial side now, the decision maker of a company that might actually buy a startup’s capability, needs to understand who you’re selling to. If you’re selling to the engineer, you may or may not get to the point where you’re selling to the decision maker who is cutting the check.” — Ellen Chang, BMNT
  • “We’ve got an 18 year old person coming into the military who has that level of life experience, and we’re going to put them in a very dangerous, risky environment. We’ve got to give them all the tools they need to be successful. They can’t be thinking ‘how do I code a bunch of stuff to accomplish my mission?” — Doug Drakeley, DoD Joint Artificial Intelligence Center
  • “There is no easy button for human decision making today, right? You can team expert systems, or machine learning systems with humans and get incredible outcomes today, but whether or not I can press a button and turn my workload over to AI — we’re so far away from that.” — Doug Drakeley, Joint Artificial Intelligence Center

Who you’ll hear from

Capital Factory’s Kevin Landtroop introduces Doug Drakeley and Ellen Chang.

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