Ensuring Joint Success: The Next Step In Innovation for the Department

What you’ll learn

  • Problem-driven vs capabilities-driven innovation (01:45)
  • How each organization identifies priorities (13:55)
  • What makes it useful to work together as a DoDx community? (21:00)
  • Advice to startups & entrepreneurs looking to start their tactical action plan (28:00)

Key quotes

“Problem sets that are facing your current force often can be used to inform concepts down the road. So this is a tactical choice that we made versus kind of what Martin’s team did.” — COL Jay Wisham, AAL

“So our mission is, as we think we know, is we work to strengthen national security. I think collectively we’re all aimed to do that. DIU differentiates in the way that we adopt commercial technology, and then because we are OSD, we try and scale that across the services. And so I think that as we work to grow the national security innovation base, that’s something we keep in mind.” — Andrea Castillon, DIU

“We talk about unity of command versus unity of effort. So unity of command is almost a vertical, right? So everything within our vertical is aligned. I would say the one thing in the innovation community that we haven’t done well, that we are all focused on and all four of us have been kind of talking about that is instead of thinking, hey, this is the way the Air Force does it this way, Army does it, the Marines…really looking at ways in which we can unify our effort.” — Lt Col Martin Salinas, AFWERX

“To any entrepreneur or any business who’s engaging with the DoD — it’s not much different than the commercial market. You have to see somebody has a demand for your product. You have to be able to highlight their pain point that will make them want to buy it. I think those are the two most important things that’s not different than any business. And at the end of the day, it’s like we don’t operate much different than them. We just wear a uniform and we have a couple of different missions.” — Jim Rabuck, NSIN

Who you’ll hear from

Paul Norwood, Deloitte Consulting, Consultant

Andrea Castillon, DIU

COL Jay Wisham, AAL, Director

Lt Col Martin Salinas, AFWERX, COO

Jim Rabuck, NSIN, Director, Southwest Region

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