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Fireside Chat with ShearShare

What you’ll find out

  • When did you have your “aha” moment?
  • How are you creating a business network from behind the salon chair during COVID?
  • What does community over competition mean to you?
  • What are the five steps to mental success?
  • What is ShearShare’s Silver Rule, and how does that play into building the DNA of your startup?

Key takeaways

  • “I think one of the wisest persons that I’ve heard has said you solve your own best problems.” — Courtney Caldwell
  • “Go find the app that does what we do so that by the time someone calls again, we can push them in the right direction and of course we went to Google first and could not find it and that was the aha moment for us.” — Courtney Caldwell
  • “It’s so important that we come together, though, because in these moments especially, in these moments, it’s the community that kind of helps undergird the masses.” — Courtney Caldwell

Who you’ll hear from

Nancy Fechnay, EIR at Capital Factory, sits down with ShearShare Co-founder and COO, Courtney Caldwell.

About Austin Startup Week

Started in 2011, Austin Startup Week is a celebration and showcase of everything entrepreneurial in Austin. Each year, we bring entrepreneurs, local leaders, and friends together to connect, collaborate and grow through our educational tracks, mentor office hours, startup showcases, and networking mixers.

About Capital Factory

Capital Factory is the center of gravity for entrepreneurs in Texas, the number one startup state in the U.S. Thousands of entrepreneurs, programmers and designers gather day and night, in-person and online for meetups, classes and coworking. With boots on the ground in Austin, Dallas and Houston, we meet the best entrepreneurs in Texas and introduce them to their first investors, employees, mentors and customers. According to Pitchbook, Capital Factory has been the most active investor in Texas since 2010.



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