Get to Know the Air Force Research Laboratory

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) leads the discovery, development, and integration of new technologies across the entire United States Air Force, as well as for U.S. space and cyberspace forces. Learn what AFRL is up to and how you can be part of their mission.

Capital Factory
3 min readMay 10, 2022

What you’ll learn

  • What AFRL does and why they exist (00:30)
  • Scope of operations and reach (01:10)
  • The most disruptive changes ahead (02:04)
  • How to partner with AFRL (04:00)

Key quotes

“Our primary job is to develop and deliver transformational technologies that our warfighters need no matter what their domain is or what they’re doing.” (00:50)

“It’s really an honor to be a part of the team, to lead 6,000 scientists, technologists, engineers and business professionals in that mission…they recognize that what you bring to the fight as well is just as important to the security of our future as what they do in the research lab.” (01:02)

“We’re touching on all of them in AFRL: Quantum physics, for example, microelectronics, hyper sonics, 5G computing, nanotechnology, biotechnology… and yes, the research lab is looking at behavioral sciences and how you better design displays. And we have a lot of research into biotechnology. All those things are really important to our future.” (02:15)

“What I really want to see is, no matter what the technology areas, we have a steady stream of ideas and capabilities coming to the field…that we’re scouring across the United States, across the world in fact, for all those good ideas.” (03:15)

“The threats that we face are significant. And it’s going to take all the talent we have in this nation.” (03:50)

“We’re supporting two services. So if it’s a capability needed in the air domain to get aircraft anywhere on the globe, anytime, on a moment’s notice, then we’d love to be your partner there. If it’s about getting capabilities into space, into lower earth orbit or even sys lunar or geo and beyond, then Air Force Research Lab is your partner.” (05:20)

Who you’ll hear from

Maj Gen Heather Pringle, AFRL, Commander

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