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Leveraging Digital Engineering to Support Integration of Complex Systems and Future Capabilities

What you’ll find out

  • Why is it imperative to shift towards building a digital infrastructure that supports more innovation?
  • What are the biggest challenges that the DoD faces when maintaining dominance in national security?
  • How do we have to transform culture in order to reach digital transformation?

Key takeaways

  • “It’s critical to get acceleration into our defense capability development, not just in the US but with international partners as well. And digital engineering is a way to accelerate significantly. The longer we can stay in the virtual domain before we actually start cutting sheet metal to build things, the better we can design those systems. “ — James White, InnoVet
  • “Speed in decision-making and in engagement, you know, the first advantage. It allows us to stay ahead of any potential adversary, no matter the size or scale of who that adversary might be. It’s absolutely critical to national security.” — Jason Rathje, AFVentures, AFWERX
  • “What we’ve learned from a [cultural] perspective is that you need to invest in the culture as much as you invest in the processes and the tools. And if you don’t most likely the transformation is going to fail” — Jeff Smith, Aerospace & Defense at Dassault Systèmes

Who you’ll hear from

Cas Milner, Capital Factory mentor specializing in deep tech, Jim Rabuck with NSIN, Jason Rathje with AFVentures, Jeff Smith with Dassault Systèmes, and James White with InnoVet discuss how we can leverage digital engineering to support the integration of complex systems.

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