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Making Quantum Accessible to Startups and Government

What you’ll find out

  • What are the hopes for the quantum community, and how can we nurture this vibrant ecosystem in the years to come?
  • How can the government support quantum startups given the uncertainties that exist in quantum technologies?
  • When will we see impactful applications arise from quantum research?
  • What kind of collaboration and competition can we expect to see from other countries and companies in the quantum research field?

Key takeaways

  • “One of my hopes for what we call the quantum ecosystem is something that can kind of sustain quantum as a field through the ups and downs that it’s likely to go through over the next however many years. And I think it’s particularly exciting that we’ve got experts on the entrepreneurial side and on the government side as well.” — Rick Muller, Sandia National Labs
  • “I believe that the US government should be investing 10, 15, 20 times what they’re investing currently, given the importance to national security, the importance to new material sciences and space travel, all the things that we want to be leaders in.” — William “whurley” Hurley, Strangeworks
  • “They may not have all the extensive experience for integration and validation of these types of [quantum] systems for the relevant environment (think of space, for example), but they may go and partner with some ventures and businesses that do have that experience. And that’s a good balance that we are implementing in order to take things out of the demonstration, out of the lab environment, and get to prototyping, actually show what kind of metrics we can achieve that is relevant towards the warfighter.” — Nick Estep, Defense Innovation Unit
  • “You want to go to Mars? There are some things we could definitely use a quantum computer for. You want to build better encryption? Absolutely, post-quantum cryptography is a problem that is important. Optimization for logistics is probably the first one where you see the most activity, be it companies like Volkswagen with their autonomous stuff or the things UPS and FedEx have looked into with quantum.” — William “whurley” Hurley, Strangeworks

Who you’ll hear from

Rick Muller, Lt Col Nick Estep, and William “whurley” Hurley discuss how to make quantum accessible to startups and the government.

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The center of gravity for entrepreneurs in Texas. We meet the best startups in Texas and introduce them to potential investors, employees and customers.

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Capital Factory

Capital Factory

The center of gravity for entrepreneurs in Texas. We meet the best startups in Texas and introduce them to potential investors, employees and customers.

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