NavalX Overview and Outcomes

What you’ll find out

  • How and why NavalX is different (1:44)
  • What’s key to the Navy’s future (5:11)
  • How the organization drives innovation (08:43)
  • Where is the tech focus by lines of effort (10:50) — CAW (11:25), Workforce Agility (13:50), Digital Agility (15:40), Tech Bridges (16:20)
  • Way ahead for 2021 (20:00)

Key quotes

  • “As a country, if we want to succeed as a Navy, we need to be able to leverage the best practices and the technologies and the R&D that’s being done by you, the small businesses, and even the large businesses that are not in the traditional defense ecosystem.” (05:24)
  • “If we want to change culture, we need to show that we can bring capability to the fleet in a better way. That’s my goal.” (08:23)
  • “There’s technology out there that we’re just not seeing because you’re not part of the traditional defense ecosystem. We think that we’ve got to get you into our ecosystem, into our labs, and into our program offices, so that technology, that game-changing technology, can be used by the warfighter.” (17:20)
  • “We leverage the power of our network to move things forward.” (24:13)
  • “With the way we’re approaching this unmanned task force, which is a new cross-functional team, it’s a new way of doing business, it’s a way to really move faster to get through the walls we’ve seen happen because of the bureaucratic processes in place right now.” (27:28)

Who you’ll hear from

CAPT Ben Van Buskirk, NavalX Director

▶️ Click to play the full NavalX Overview and Outcomes session

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