NGA Small Business Initiatives

What you’ll find out

  • How do federal small business goals factor in? (1:56)
  • What are the benefits of becoming certified as a small, disadvantaged business? (4:46)
  • If you’re not certified, how do federal subcontracting goals apply? (5:34)
  • What are avenues into NGA? (12:22)
  • How can the SBA help? (14:47)
  • How does DoD’s Mentor-Protégé Program work? (16:45)
  • Where are solicitations posted? (18:29)
  • How can you get your capability/concept in front of NGA? (19:40)
  • Where do we learn more about requirements for Moonshot Labs and other NGA initiatives? (26:00)

Key quotes

  • “We have been trying to recruit and bring in small businesses to the maximum extent practicable and we are really aggressively trying to find companies to assist us with satisfying mission requirements here at NGA.” (0:38)
  • “If you feel you are a small, disadvantaged business, we (the federal government) has the ability to set work aside for companies that meet that criteria and we can do this in several ways.” (4:15)
  • “As a small business you can always get within the footprint and find work other ways. Those are either partnering with another small business, becoming a subcontractor to a large business, or forming a joint venture.” (6:26)
  • “There are several programs and opportunities out there that would allow you to compete for work with the federal government or be awarded a contract sole source.” (6:50)
  • “Look at the percentages we’re on the hook to achieve in FY21.” (7:17)
  • “For small business goals and what they are today, in FY 22–23, DoD, the Biden Administration, plans to double those. So all federal agencies especially the ones under DOD will have to try doubly hard to meet those goals.” (10:57)
  • “If you have a capability or technology or a concept and you are interested in introducing that to NGA, I believe Rick Myllenbeck talked about this earlier today, they have a demo program they offer every other Wednesday. It’s a great way to introduce yourself to NGA.” (19:40)
  • “We conduct outreach through many events and attend many of the SBA forums and GSA small business events, and at all of these events, we have several opportunities to meet new small businesses and interact.” (22:42)

Who you’ll hear from

Dale Rainey, NGA Director, Office of Small Business Programs

▶️ Click to play the full NGA Small Business Initiatives panel

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Capital Factory

Capital Factory

The center of gravity for entrepreneurs in Texas. We meet the best startups in Texas and introduce them to potential investors, employees and customers.

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