Outcomes Matter: Enabling Continuous Delivery to Avoid Innovation Theater

What you’ll learn

  • The difference between innovation and innovation theater (01:06)
  • Innovation metrics that matter (04:15)
  • Cutting through the BS (08:40)
  • How to avoid innovation theater (13:00)
  • Breaking the logjam to true innovation (16:55)
  • “It’s all about outcomes.” — Aaron Swain, VMware, Strategic Director of Digital Transformation
  • “Innovation can be anything. It can be streamlining a process. It can be building a novel solution. It can be anything that drives change and drives betterment … Innovation theater looks like something that is short term, that is shiny, but doesn’t actually provide value.” — Hannah Hunt, Army Software Factory, Chief Product and Innovation Officer (01:19)
  • “Innovation at its core is about creating and cultivating a culture and environment focused on people that allows their ideas to become a reality.” — Carlo Viray, Rise8, Inc., Innovation and Strategy Lead (02:41)
  • “As in any bureaucracy, you get what you incentivize and when you incentivize innovation, you get the flash.” — Enrique Oti, Second Front Systems, Chief Technology Officer (04:07)
  • “To avoid innovation theater, the focus needs to be entrepreneurship. Can you get an idea, find that product market fit, and then scale it in a manner that’s sustainable because you’re delivering value?” — Enrique Oti, Second Front Systems, Chief Technology Officer (04:29)
  • “To me, innovation is about finding the edges of opportunity that haven’t been seen before. Where all innovation has to go to at some point, is simply become the way we do business.” — Paul Puckett, United States Army, Director of Cloudy Things (06:30)
  • “Are the products in production and are they being used by end users? Do they like them? Sometimes things need to be shut down and that’s a hard conversation to have.” — Victoria Vanek (10:30)
  • “The key to the future of warfare is contracting officers. Carlo addressed it. Hannah addressed it. If you can’t write good contracts in the first place, it doesn’t matter how good your developers are and how agile they wanna be.” — Enrique Oti, Second Front Systems, Chief Technology Officer (18:10)

Who you’ll hear from

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