Return on Investments & Upcoming Opportunities

Get an update and briefing on the returns on investment on current STRATFIs of the Air Forces big collaborative opportunities. Learn more about the upcoming opportunities and how you can take advantage of these as well.

Capital Factory
2 min readMay 31, 2022

What you’ll learn

  • AFVentures Vision and Mission (02:01)
  • Program Growth (02:43)
  • What’s their ROI? (05:31)
  • Adding Causality (07:07)
  • Opening Up to Military Innovation Results (09:04)
  • TACFI & STRATFI Program (10:02)
  • FY21 Capability Packages (13:25)
  • How you can learn more (14:40)
  • How do companies determine whether their technology is government-only or if it’s dual use? (17:25)

Key quotes

“But really what we’re saying is, are we a value add, are we a form of smart capital? Are we bringing not just funding — because there’s lots of sources of funding, Capital Factory has funding, right? There’s lots of sources of funding, a lot of VCs are in the audience. Are we bring value? Besides just the money, are we bringing value to these companies?”

“What we found was YES. So AFVentures is in fact providing causal, effective support to companies going through this process. So companies who have won a Phase One contract with us are 51% more likely of winning a follow on contract — a non-SBIR DOD contract — are 68% more likely in raising venture capital, and are two times more likely in developing a novel patented technology as compared to the traditional approach to SBIR.”

“So my top recommendation: attend the events, watch the webinars, and read the instructions. Those are KEY aspects of the program.”

Who you’ll hear from

Maj Jason Rathje, AFVentures, Director

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