Spotlight: Atomus

Check out Hacking for Defense and NSIN Starts alumni — Atomus — a cybersecurity company whose technology allows companies to securely share technical data packages with suppliers within their supply chain and other external third parties.

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What you’ll find out

  • The security delta in the defense industrial base (01:00)
  • See the demo (3:59)
  • Key value propositions (07:11)
  • NSIN’s incredible impact (09:10)

Key quotes

  • “There are tens of thousands of cyber attacks that happen on the defense industrial base each and every year.” — Joel Joseph, Atomus Co-Founder (01:00)
  • “Most of these small and medium companies probably don’t need custom cybersecurity. So we had this really interesting idea. What if instead of building custom cybersecurity for each individual company, we brought together really smart cyber engineers and built a world-class cybersecurity solution?” — Joel Joseph, Atomus, Co-Founder (03:10)
  • “We do not change the user experience. That’s very, very valuable for small and medium businesses.” — Kaushal Saraf, Atomus, Co-Founder (07:53)
  • “Having industry-level, world-class cyber security for these small businesses is one of the key things we’re providing. We can push patches. We can push updates. We can fix for new threats. because we have one standardized solution.” — Kaushal Saraf, Atomus Co-Founder (08:03)
  • “One of the things I think is really, really valuable about NSIN is it’s kind of a force multiplier in the fact that it brings in a lot of really, really talented individuals who wouldn’t have traditionally looked at anything in aerospace and defense.” — Joel Joseph, Atomus, Co-Founder (11:29)

Who you’ll hear from

Kaushal Saraf, Atomus, Co-Founder

Joel Joseph, Atomus, Co-Founder

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