Spotlight: H4D Alumni — Learn to Win

A Hacking for Defense alumni company, Learn to Win’s dual-use education technology capabilities enable DoD partners to improve digital training and the training process.

What you’ll learn

  • Traditional vs. last-mile training in DoD (03:30)
  • Case study outcomes (04:40)
  • How last-mile training influences mission success (08:15)
  • Learn to Win’s path forward (12:00)

Key quotes

“We’re now in the hands of 20,000 users. We have contracts with Air Force, Navy and Space Force, and hoping to get a contract with the Army.” (00:45)

“It’s those sorts of insights into what your people really know for critical information that Learn to Win brings that they really just didn’t hve access to in the days of 3-ring binders and Powerpoints.” (07:26)

“We built a new experience that was enabling the subject matter experts on site to then turn their expertise into effective learning content.” (09:14)

“I think one of the key things that is distinct about this versus other technologies is we let the subject matter experts build the contents themselves.” (10:11)

“We were really fortunate to be able to connect with NSIN and AFWERX to make that first connection to someone who has those pain points. For early-stage startups who haven’t worked with DOD before, it can be intimidating to finding that point of entry.” (12:55)

Who you’ll hear from

Andrew Powell, Learn to Win, Co-founder and CEO

▶️ Click to play the full session

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Capital Factory

Capital Factory

The center of gravity for entrepreneurs in Texas. We meet the best startups in Texas and introduce them to potential investors, employees and customers.

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