What the Heck is an Army Cohort?

In this session, companies that have participated in AAL cohorts will take the stage alongside Army leaders and PMs to talk about how the Cohort Program works, why it works, and what it will take to scale this novel approach to solution innovation across a million-person organization.

Capital Factory
3 min readMay 26, 2022

What you’ll learn

  • What is an Army cohort?(05:22)
  • How the Army cohort compares to other innovation experiences with the Army or in private industry? (10:01)
  • How is AAL using lessons learned from the past to make contracting smoother and easier in the future?(21:00)
  • What is AFC’s role in PPMx at the tactical level? (25:28)
  • What a company needs to be prepared for when they come onto an Army cohort (28:43)
  • When and how do you leverage this cohort model (32:00)

Key quotes

“One of the things that we do with the Cohort is focus on getting that speed of innovation down to the end user. So we have, by design, end user development technologies. That’s one of the great things that AAL does.” — Jim Templin, AAL

“You know, we never really had access through these civil related programs and you know, kudos to you all that we get so much access to them that we have a much better understanding of what the problem solution space is and how to, you know, adapt our solution to help them meet their requirements or needs.” — Sudipto Ghoshal, Qualtech Systems Inc.

“That’s a big difference I’ve seen is the willingness to collaborate and build the pieces of parts of the solution from the program. It’s different than what I’ve seen in the past.” — Christopher Orlowski, US Army PEO Ground Combat Systems

“by colliding all these different organizations together in these communities of action, we open the aperture of what is possible in terms of a solution, because the different aspects of the problem become very apparent when you talk to an end user about how they experience the problem, and there’s different ways to go about solving it.” — Jim Templin, AAL

“You ask a lot of people a question — you’re not necessarily going to have answers that fall on top of each other, right? You have various stakeholders with different needs and stuff. And so there was a little bit of work and sort of, I don’t want to say triangulating, but understanding that all of those answers were right and valid. But it wasn’t a nice, clean, crisp box that that sometimes comes out of that.” — Guy Babbitt, Czero Inc.

Who you’ll hear from

Jim Templin, AAL, Project Manager

James Ackermann, LRPF CFT, HQE

Guy Babbitt, Czero Inc., CEO

Christopher Orlowski, US Army PEO Ground Combat Systems, Product Manager

Sudipto Ghoshal, Qualtech Systems Inc., Chief Operating Officer

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